Get To Know Us

About Us

Lustr Aesthetic was launched on June 2021 by Isabel Lacsamana, a 20-year old university student. Our Filipina-owned brand is located in Calgary, Canada. 

Here at Lustr Aesthetic, we aim to enhance your unique styles through our thoughtfully curated pieces.

Brand Purpose

Our brand’s mission is to help you accentuate your authentic self with our carefully curated and handmade pieces.

Going Forward

As we are fairly new to the business, we are still researching and exploring ways to become more eco-friendly. We always try our best to reuse excess materials, reduce waste, reduce the use of plastic and limit the use of paper. With our jewelry, we plan to enhance the quality of our pieces by using gold-filled materials (thick layer of gold on base metal), and hopefully be able to use solid gold in the near future.